Build Muscle Lose Fat in 15 Minutes 2x Week


Most Effective Efficient Workout Ever Invented

We Transform Bodies by Simultaneously Building Muscle and Burning Fat in 15 Minutes  2x Week using Patented Technology.

MaxQ Metabolic Fitness’ computerized machines intellligently senses your muscles strength and then automatically adjusts resistance so that EVERY repetition is a Maximum Repetition enabling the most Effective and Efficient Workout in just 15 minutes 2 times a week.  

We minimize your gym time while maximizing your results. Each machine is a single workout in which you give your individualized maximum effort. In short, it's a full-body strength workout combined with a high-intenisty aeroboic workout. 

Try if for'll be glad you did because its simple, quick, and suitable for everyone regardless of conditioning or age.

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MaxQ is Metabolic Fitness

We created MaxQ Metabolic Fitness to  be much more Metabolic than conventional exercise and eating plans.  

The fitness of your metabolism is a delicate balance between the energy you take in (consume) and the energy you exert (burn). It is very difficult to balance metabolism by doing conventional workouts that have no direct relationship to what you do and what you eat.

At MaxQ Metabolic Fitness, we invented a system that puts your metabolism into overdrive, reduces hunger, and helps you burn dangerous belly fat by perfectly aligning  the workout with the macro-nutritional counterparts which Builds Muscle and Burns Fat in 15 Minutes 2x per Week.       

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The Most Easy-In Easy-Out Workout Ever Created

We created MaxQ Metabolic Fitness to be the most efficeiint workout experience you have ever imagined   

You simlpy show up at the minute your confimation reminder indicates and you are in and out in less than 15 minutes with the most amazing workout you have ever thought possible, guaranteed. 

Each session is one-on-one. You'll have the full, undivided attention of your MaxQ Certified Trainer who will guide you through as if you had checked your brain at the door.   

Our clients range in age from 16 to 76. It is effective, efficieint and totally safe.  

What Makes Us So Different?


Conventional Fixed Resistance .

Your gym uses Resistance which REMAINS FIXED while your Strength CHANGES throughout a set of repetitons.  

Referring to the graph, note the big difference between what you are capable of lifting on each rep (shown in blue) and what your actually lifting (shown in green).

In a similar comparison to empty calories, conventional fixed resistance are empty repetitons.  They do very little compared to what they could do if only Resistance changed according to Stregnth on each repetition.      



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MaxQ Intelligent Resistance

MaxQ Metabolic Fitness uses INTELLIGENT Resistance which Automatically Adjusts to your Changing Strength throughout a set of repetitons. 

Referring to the graph, notice how your Strength (shown in blue) is equal to Resistance (shown in green) so that EVERY rep is a Maximum Quality (MaxQ) rep.

It takes many less MaxQ reps and only 15 minutes 2 times a week to transform your body.          

Try it for free so we can prove it! 

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Total Body Workout

Because MaxQ Metabolic Fitness provides Perfect  Reps, all based on your individualized fitness level, we can use fewer machines. 5 Compound Double Axis machines, work groups of groups of muscle enabling a Total Body Workout including  Strength, Cardio, and Stretching in 15 minutes 2 times a week.      

The graphic shows the 5 main muscle group areas; Upper Torso Front, Upper Torso Back, Mid Torso Front(Abdominals), Mid Torso  Back, Lower Body (Glutes, Quads, Hams, Calves).           



Noel F.

Noel is an attorney.  With hardly any free time from his clients and his wife and three kids, Noel is a typical busy professional who needs results in and on less time.  Noel's results were anything but typical and In just three months at MaxQ, Noel lost 64.5 lbs or 24.5% of his starting weight, gained 8% muscle, lost 14.6% fat,, and 9% visceral fat in 15 minutes 2 times a week.               


He won S. Tampa Magazines Biggest Loser Contest and since 2013 no one has beaten his 24.5% body fat loss in 90 days.     

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Vicki W.

Vicki is a church administrator who hated to exercise because it normally takes way too much time and lacked the promise of results. She wanted to know how to lose weight fast.   Each year, over the past 20 years, Vicki found herself growing larger with no solution in sight...until she caught wind of this new type of workout.  In 8 months, Vicki lost 80 pounds fast while building 10 pounds of muscle in 15 minutes, two times a  week.  

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Cindy C.

Cindy is a busy professional in the legal transcribing sector. She had tried everything but nothing worked. As she aged, she struggled with "female" issues and wanted to feel better. She was skeptical, 15 minutes 2 times a week? really? In 5 months, Cindy lost 45 pound and felt the best she had since college. 


Maria F.

A busy  professional, mother of two,  Maria was fit all her life but  began gaining weight.  She tried everything but couldn’t find a solution to her metabolic slowdown.     One day Maria noticed a neighbor who appeared to be losing weight almost every time she saw her.  Luckily, her neighbor was a MaxQ client.      Maria tried it and in four months Lost 23.4 Pounds of Fat while Gaining 3.2 Pounds of  Muscle as her metabolism reached MaxQ.

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Penny J.

Penny worked for a large health care company and was moving up the ladder.  While her pay was increasing so was her weight as additional responsibility left her little time to workout.  A colleague told her about MaxQ as Tampa's best way to lose weight fast and 120 days later, Penny lost 20.3 pounds of fat in 15 minutes two times a week.   


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Emily F.

Emily is a college student working on her Masters degree.  Like many college students, sorority life can be filled with parties and junk food.  She wanted to make a statement at her job interviews and needed a little help, quick. In just 90 days, Emily dropped 15 pounds of fat in just 15 minutes two times a week.      

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