What is MaxQ Metabolic Fitness

MaxQ Metabolic Fitness used patented technology that electronically senses strength and automatically adjusts resistance for strength causing each repetition in a set to be maximum i.e. MaxQ which triggers microscopic muscle fiber breakdown and muscle fiber recovery through Protein Synthesis.

MaxQ is superefficient and effective.  Because MaxQ enables maximum repetitions on every repetition while conventional repetitions enable only one maximum rep, MaxQ takes only a fraction of the time, 15 minutes two times a week.

MaxQ makes you stronger. The first thing clients notice, even before changes in how their clothes fit, is that they are now able to lift things that they previously were unable to lift.

MaxQ increases your metabolism. Muscle is the body’s largest consumer of energy. From the age of 30 on, you will lose almost a pound of muscle each year slowing metabolism and storing this otherwise unconsumed energy as fat. An increase in muscle fiber raises resting metabolic rate.

MaxQ absorbs glucose. Routine consumption of refined carbohydrates (glucose/sugar) turns into fat. Muscle absorbs glucose both during and after each session. During MaxQ, glycogen is completely drained out of your muscles through the Cori Cycle. After MaxQ, Protein Synthesis repairs muscle while Gluconeogenesis absorbs body fat, simultaneously and exclusively. Gluconeogenesis is also a target of therapy for type II diabetes, such as metformin, which inhibits glucose formation and stimulates glucose uptake by muscle cells.

MaxQ prevents insulin sensitivity. If glucose is not drained out of your muscles, it begins to back up in the bloodstream and can no longer enter the muscle cells ending up as stored energy or bodyfat. During MaxQ, muscles empty themselves of glycogen as glucose is moved out of the bloodstream and into muscle lowering insulin levels which translates into less bodyfat storage.

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