MaxQ Technology + The Big 5

MaxQ Metabolic Fitness is designed to stimulate the most muscle in the least amount of time imparting the most metabolic bang for your buck. So, by combining maximum MaxQ Technology (which varies resistance according to the electronically sensed strength (MAS) of muscle being trained) with 5 Compound Machines which involve rotation around several joint axes, involving several muscle groups per exercise, and all of the major muscular structures of the body.

The Big 5, Leg Press, Pulldown, Chest Press, Overhead Press and Seated Row are big but simple movements that involve multiple muscle groups and are also easy for the average person to coordinate and perform.

Instead of devoting a large portion of your attention and mental intensity to yet another submaximal exercise, you perform a maximum movement that is simple and natural, so the majority of your intensity and focus can be placed in reaching MaxQ rather than on trying to execute two opposing actions.

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