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Your smart phone gives you immediate access to much of the accumulated knowledge of mankind in nanoseconds. A smart navigation system can help you find a great restaurant in rural Italy without getting lost. That $4 talking birthday card from your friend has more computing power than the 1969 Apollo spacecraft that went to the moon.

Given all of this, are you surprised that intelligent exercise machines can now help you get the same – or better – fitness results in 85-90% less time?   Of greater surprise to you may be how inefficient your current workout routine is.

Why Most Strength-Building Routines Take At Least 45 Minutes Per Workout

It is well-known that exercise intensity is the key to muscle growth. Sufficient intensity breaks down muscle fibers that are then rebuilt over the next 48 hours, thicker and stronger.

Conventional muscle-building routines are designed to create this intensity, and typically last at least 45 minutes to one hour 3-5 times per week. Why does it take this much time?

It’s because the resistance weight on the weight machines at your gym — or the old school barbells at your cross-fit gym — cannot change during each exercise set. This fixed resistance means that each set is a journey to a single, final “money” rep where Resistance (R) equals Momentary Available Strength (MAS), then the exercise ends.

Unfortunately, all of the other reps before the money rep don’t have this maximal intensity. And until now, these inefficient reps where necessary to reach R=MAS intensity on the last rep of the set. What if these inefficient reps could be eliminated?

How Much Shorter Would Your Routine Be with Maximal Intensity on Each Rep?

Smart sensors connected to data are making formerly “dumb” items smart. Smart doorknobs now have hand sensors that eliminate keys. Smart elevators sense component failure and notify repairmen before breakdowns happen.

And now, smart weight machines can sense how much strength you have left during a given exercise set and vary the resistance throughout the set. The implications of this to your time investment in exercise is incredible.

When every rep in every set is “the money rep”, exercise time can be cut by 66% to 75%.  No more time is wasted on inefficient reps just to get to the one rep that matters.

When every rep matters, two 15-minute workouts per week trigger the muscle gain and fat loss that was only achievable with conventional exercise technology through three or more, 45-60 minute workouts per week.

Build Muscle, Burn Fat and Gain Cellular Health Benefits in Just 30 Minutes Per Week

Bob Kissel, inventor and founder of MaxQ Fitness, is the pioneer in this smart weight machine technology. His patented machines are the only ones that can intelligently adjust resistance throughout each exercise set over two weekly 15 minute sessions, based on each individual user’s available strength.

Bob has found that the advantages of these new machines to his clients extend beyond muscle growth to provide other major health benefits. Here’s why:

  • Release of the chemical ATP Maximizes Protein Synthesis to Build Muscle – ATP, a high-power energy system in the body, is not triggered under conventional exercise that stops when muscles reach their failure point. However, when exercise can be continued after initial muscle failure for just 60-seconds, as with the MaxQ Fitness machines, ATP is activated and triggers the Protein Synthesis necessary to build impressive amounts of muscle.
  • ATP Triggers Glycogenolysis to Burn Fat – This release of ATP also triggers the breakdown of glycogen (glycogenolysis). Without this breakdown, glycogen is stored as fat in the body. So, in addition to building muscle, the release of ATP and glycogen through a MaxQ Fitness workout is an extremely effective fat-burner.
  • ATP Promotes Greater Cellular Health – Finally, the ATP released during a MaxQ Fitness session spurs an increase in Mitochondria, the powerhouse of cells. Mitochondria enable every organ in the body to assume greater health.

In addition to the above benefits, the intensity of a MaxQ Fitness workout increases flexibility and provides an aerobic workout comparable to an hour of cardio.

It’s no wonder that 33% of people who join a gym quit after three months. Conventional exercise takes too long and results come too slow. Now you know why.

MaxQ Fitness members reach their weight loss and muscle growth goals in one-fifth of the time required from other exercise methods. The two 15-minute weekly workouts are intense, but over before you know it. Members who also follow a protein-rich dietary guideline experience optimal results.

Interested exercisers can try before they buy — the first workout is always free and non-obligatory. Ongoing programs are only $30 to $35 per session.

MaxQ clients are experiencing the future of exercise now and re-investing the hours they save in something else they really want to do. All while building healthy cells and the physique they’ve always wanted!

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