How MaxQ Is Different

Why Your Resistance Isn’t Working

Every resistance exercise such as lifting weights, calisthenics, even yoga, etc. involves Fixed Resistance meaning that once any exercise begins, the resistance remains FIXED throughout the duration of the exercise set, be it two or three minutes or ten or fifteen repetitions. This is the reason why conventional exercise is terribly ineffective and inefficient.   The human body is amazingly resourceful and will only use the number of muscle fiber in the exercising muscle group to perform the Fixed Resistance exercise. What’s even more amazing is that when the muscle fibers performing exercise fatigue, the muscle fibers that were not originally engaged, take over for the tired fibers and completing the exercise. It’s a proven scientific fact that muscle fiber within a muscle group will not respond to any exercise unless ALL of the muscle fibers are, engaged, simultaneously causing them to breakdown microscopically thereby triggering Protein Synthesis, the rebuilding of muscle over a 72-hour period. MaxQ Metabolic Fitness uses exclusive, breakthrough technology that intelligently loads every repetition at a 100% voluntary contraction meaning that ALL muscle fibers in a muscle group fire, simultaneously, triggering Protein Synthesis and building muscle and burning fat, simultaneously. All it takes is 15 minutes, twice a week only at MaxQ Metabolic Fitness.

Why Your Cardio Is Making Your Fatter

Unquestionably, cardio burns calories, but there’s side effects: hunger, sometimes constant, aching lower joint extremities, burnt muscle, slower metabolism, and fat gain triggering a viscous cycle of trying to torch even more calories in a progressively weakened metabolism. While you may be losing weight according to the bathroom scale, you are actually losing muscle weight and gaining fat weight. Muscle pounds are 20 times denser than fat pounds and at MaxQ Metabolic Fitness, we build and measure Muscle Pounds and destroy and measure Fat Pounds, independently, for true metabolic fitness. And, while it is impossible to balance calorie input/output doing conventional exercise, at MaxQ Metabolic Fitness we balance calorie input/output for results after every session, guaranteed.

Why Your Diet Doesn’t Work

In a similar way to why it’s very difficult to balance calorie input and output, on the flip side it is also the case for dieting. Because of insufficient muscular stimulation and insufficient protein, protein synthesis is impossible with either methodology. Diet’s rely on the bathroom scale which do not differentiate between Muscle Pounds and Fat Pounds thereby misleading and mistaking weight-loss for muscle loss and not fat loss. Both conventional exercise and dieting are anti-metabolic meaning they slow down metabolism. At MaxQ Metabolic Fitness, we are pro-metabolism in the most effective, efficient way ever conceived.

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